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Developing Communication, Socialization, Behavior, and Daily Living Skills For Early Learners

Home & Community Based ABA Therapy Services Supporting Children with Autism and Other Developmental Delays at the age range of 6 month to 21 years old.

Maximizing Your Child’s Potential For Development, Learning & Inclusion

Blossom Bridge ABA was founded with a clear mission: to empower children with autism and their families, dedicated to fostering inclusion in class, community, and society. With years of experience in supporting children with autism and developmental disabilities, our mission is to bridge the gap between their current abilities and their full potential. As Board Certified Behavior Analysts, researchers, and practitioners, we understand the challenges faced by children and families in areas lacking ABA services. Our goal is to be the bridge that helps your children cross over to blossom.

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Contact Us

We will help you explore your care options and resources to best support your family.

Step 2

Build ABA Team and Screen Goals

Meet with our team to discuss your child’s specific needs and goals. We want to learn
as much as possible about your child to help us create an individualized path forward.

Step 3


During this process, we will pinpoint areas of strength and areas for growth in the dimensions of communication, socialization, and behaviors.

Step 4

Create A Plan

We will develop an individualized ABA treatment plan, including a therapy schedule and goals for treatment.

Foci at Blossom Bridge ABA

Our approach is as unique as your child. It begins with a deep understanding of your child’s world and is shaped by our commitment to bringing out their best. At Blossom Bridge ABA, we don’t just teach skills; we cultivate an environment where children can blossom naturally. Our strategies are based on the latest research in ABA therapy, combined with our team’s extensive experience and intuition.

We Focus On:

  • Evidence based practices
  • Building rapport and trust with each child and family
  • Contriving the optimal learning environment to enhance skill
  • Strengthening motivation and engagement through intervention
  • Enhancing communication, socialization, and daily living skills
  • Reduction in disruptive and challenging behaviors
  • Empowering families with tools and support

A Naturalistic Approach To Teaching Skills

At Blossom Bridge ABA, we embrace a naturalistic approach to learning and development. Our methods are grounded in the philosophy that the most profound learning occurs within the context of natural play and daily routines. We integrate the structured ABA therapy into activities your child already enjoys, making therapy a fun and engaging experience that looks a lot like play. This approach encourages spontaneous learning and skill acquisition in settings that mirror real-life situations, making every interaction an opportunity for growth.